Are All Calories Really Created Equal?

Who hasn’t heard that 100 calories are 100 calories?  Or that you simply need to control the number of calories you consume, and you will lose weight?  This is the information we have been given for many years and it’s ingrained in our brains when it comes to nutrition and health.  Unfortunately, this information isn’t entirely correct. 

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Power Up!

Feeling sluggish? How about fatigued?  Are you low on energy?  Do you turn to sugar and/or caffeine to give yourself a boost? 

Learn how to improve your energy and feel your very best with healthier eating practices

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Christina Tangredi, APRN
Healthy Tips for Your Vacation

Vacations are the perfect time to unwind and fully rejuvenate your mind and body. Vacations can, however, make you feel a little uneasy when you are trying to get healthy and/or stay healthy.  Having a set routine is often what keeps people focused and on track. As difficult as it may seem, it is possible to have an awesome vacation and stay relatively healthy. 

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Jana Montgomery, RN, BSN
It's January! Time to Get Back on Track

The holidays are often a nice time of year to get together with family, friends, or at least to enjoy time off from the usual grind, but let’s face it, the holiday season is also a time for numerous parties, stress, and endless baked goods. The good news is that holiday weight gain is not inevitable and fear not if you did gain a pound or two this season.

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Is Motivation the Key?

If your desire and motivation are centered around living a healthy life, it’s important to implement life changes that will aid in lifelong success. Starting with an autonomous motivation will put you on the right path.  Having these and other lifestyle modification in place, will keep you on that path during the times when your motivation is lacking.

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