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Managing your waistline: it's not just about calories in and calories out

More than 93 million Americans and over 600 million people worldwide currently have obesity. The numbers keep growing, and the impact is astounding. This global public health issue is not just about weight but also about the chronic diseases that are a result of our expanding waistlines such as heart disease, diabetes, dementia and some cancers. In fact, this generation of children may be the first to have shorter lifespans than their parents.

Unfortunately, managing weight is not as simple as "calories in and calories out".  We will explore how factors such as the environment, cultural influences, the food industry, hormones, and stress regulation play a role in weight and learn ways to combat this epidemic.


Disaster didn't strike this time but it will the next!

All of us experience the stress of modern living, the demands and pressures of work and family, but not all of us experience anxiety in the course of managing it all. Why? This workshop delves into the reasons that our innate emergency response system can go awry and become no longer helpful for the everyday dangers and stressors that life presents. What do we do instead? Does changing the reaction to stress make a difference? You bet. Come and find out how and what you can do about managing stress.


Navigating all the latest diets: what is the best approach

The billion dollar diet industry has been around for decades and yet, during that same time, obesity rates have surged both in the US and globally. This talk includes an overview of current diets and the evidence behind their claims, an explanation of human metabolism and the impact of various approaches to eating, and the real challenges to prevent weight regain. Learn skills to build a healthy plate, meal planning, and strategies to choose smarter when eating out. Participants will learn that eating healthy is integral to achieving goals whether they are about how you look, feel, or perform.