What is Group Therapy?

Group therapy is an effective option for treatment of many psychological concerns. In a group setting, participants can work together to identify solutions and support each other in putting new ideas into practice. Many group participants benefit from discussing their challenges with others who are experiencing similar struggles.

Like individual therapy, cognitive therapy groups focus on the connections between thoughts and feelings, as well as changing behaviors that get in the way of your goals. In a group, the role of the therapist is to help guide the discussion and help group members work towards their goals.


At Enhance Health we offer a variety of confidential group series such as managing substance use, overcoming depression, and mastering worry and anxiety.

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Current Group Therapy Options

Life After Loss

A group therapy opportunity for individuals who are experiencing complicated grief resulting from loss of a loved one.


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Managing Alcohol Use

Is alcohol interfering with your life? Group therapy can help. Learn to develop and maintain motivation to change, cope with urges to use, change your thoughts and beliefs about drinking, and build a satisfying life without relying on alcohol.

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Transform Your Relationship with Food

The goal of this 12-week group is to give patients the tools to overcome the obstacles that make it difficult to engage in a healthy eating plan. We will focus on strategies for staying motivated, controlling emotional eating, and eating appropriately in social situations. 

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