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Reshaping Care in the Upper Valley.


What if you could find not only the health care you need, but all the care you want, available 24 hours a day, every day?

What if a dedicated care team offered you personalized attention and a goal-driven plan centered on your total health and wellness?

What if going to the doctor was an easy, positive experience?

You are our priority, and we will give you the time and attention you need.

This is your concierge medicine: a new option at Enhance Health.

Accessible and Personalized Whole Self Care


Your Private Healthcare Team is ready to put your health first


Helthyly® combines all of our medical and wellness services into one of two membership levels based on your personal needs in psychological care, primary care, and overall wellness. The membership has one all-inclusive annual fee that covers everything. 

A Helthyly® membership equates to ease, access, and the highest level of service.


The Helthyly® Membership Includes

Your Private Doctor

               Centered on a trusted doctor-patient relationship

Concierge Care

               Convenient same-day or same-week appointments based on your needs and your schedule

               Unrushed yet efficient appointments to address all your concerns and provide effective care


              Access to your private physician by cell phone, text, or email for your medical concerns

              In today's healthcare environment of high deductibles and extremely limited networks, we step out of that box to be easily accessible, listen to your concerns,                                      address your needs, and provide the most effective treatment. You will no longer feel frustrated with the high-volume, poor-access, unresponsive, and rushed care that                        many clinics have become. 

A Wellness Team

               A consultation with one of our expert psychologists to assist you in overcoming obstacles and achieving your fullest life

               Access to all Enhance Health classes, yoga, and workshops

               Personalized health coaching, a nutrition assessment with our nutrition specialist, and a physical fitness assessment with a certified personal trainer

A Healthcare Advocate

               We look beyond limited networks for connections and referrals to the best specialists locally and nationally

               We are not held to the limitations and constraints of insurance companies, but rather are free to provide you effective care that meets your needs. However, most of our                       services can be submitted to insurance companies for reimbursement, and we will assist you with all insurance forms.

               When you make the choice of how to spend your healthcare dollars, and choose to INVEST IN YOURSELF, we will be there to help you improve your health and quality of            life.


Want More?

The Helthyly® Premium Membership includes

Concierge Psychology

               All the benefits of the Helthyly® membership with the added feature of a private psychologist

                Centered on a valued patient-therapist relationship

                A focus on life function to assist you in living the fullest and most satisfying life that you can envision and attain 

                Convenient same-day or same-week appointments based on your needs and your schedule

                Full access to your private psychologist for your psychological concerns