So proud of Kate and the work she has accomplished! People mistakenly believe that they have to settle for a life limited by the constraints caused by anxiety, depression, or other mental illness, but this is far from the truth. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an effective treatment that can free you from these constraints and help you live your full life. Thank you Kate for sharing your story. We are proud to be a part of your healing.


Here is what our patients are saying...

At Enhance Health, I receive compassionate care in an environment without stigma and full of hope by a team of experienced, flexible providers who have met me where I was and inspire me to move forward in all areas of my life with their support. The office is comfortable and beautifully kept with an air of belonging rather than that of intrusion, and when necessary or convenient, they are available over the phone or the computer. The road to health is my own, but it’s nice to have Enhance Health beside me on my way.
— CH

Enhance Health is the way of the future. With its clean and modern appearance, the minute you walk into the space, you know you are onboard and heading in the right direction! The personal connection and attention I receive is unique and impressive. I am not a number or getting lost in the shuffle of red tape etc. I am recognized and find immediate responses when I have an issue or concern.
— EC

As a therapy patient at Enhance Health I have experienced a sort of paradigm shift in the way I experience the world. This has effectively changed my behavior in such a way that when I reflect on my actions I’m often surprised and proud of the level of maturity, empathy, leadership and compassion with which I have managed to interact with my spouse, children, parents, siblings and community members. I went into therapy experiencing depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation. Those thoughts and feelings are manageable now and maybe most importantly they don’t have the power they once did over my actions. As a result, I experience them less intensely and less frequently. The only advice I feel obligated to give is that you will have to work. Is is hard and scary and painful to talk about your deepest fears, but the professionals at Enhance Health never made me feel even a glimmer of shame. I am grateful for their work everyday.
— anonymous

I am so happy to be a patient at the New Enhance Health Clinic. The office provides a clean, updated and welcoming environment. All of the staff are friendly and accommodating. Thank you to Jana and Teresa for your support in helping me to work towards my healthy lifestyle goals. My experience as a patient with Dr. Beaver has been eye opening. She is attentive and thorough with evaluating my needs. I always feel as though she is invested in my best interest and is dedicated to helping me be as healthy as possible for my individual needs. It is so exciting to have a consistent relationship with a physician that knows me as a person and not a number.
— TR

I am grateful for the competent and compassionate care offered by Enhance Health, and in particular by Teresa Candido. She and all the staff at EH have created a welcoming atmosphere. I strongly recommend EH’s psychological services.
— sb