Does weight loss seem like an impossible task?


Abnormal weight gain and difficulty with weight loss are complex problems of which nutrition and exercise are just pieces of a very complicated puzzle. If you are struggling with your weight but can't seem to get anywhere, it might be time to seek medical help. We offer comprehensive weight assessments with Cathleen Beaver, MD who is board certified in Obesity Medicine and an expert in weight management. Treatments can include lifestyle guidance, medications, and cognitive behavioral therapy.



Weight Management Group Series at Enhance Health

Join Dr. Cathy Beaver for an 8 week group series aimed to help you achieve your individual goals through healthful and sustainable lifestyle change.


Topics Include

 Back to the Nutrition basics

Learn nutrition basics. This class provides an overview of powerful eating to improve your health and wellness.  Topics include:

  • Proteins, carbohydrates, and health fats: the building blocks of nutrition

  • The power of whole foods and plant based foods

  • Stocking your pantry: shopping and reading nutrition labels

  • Creating a healthy plate

  • Portions

  • Integrating healthy eating patterns into your busy life.


Eating with intention

As Americans, we have become busier, more distracted, and increasingly reliant on external factors to tell us why, what, when, where, and how much to eat. Under these circumstances, it is often difficult to recognize the appropriate cues to eat. This class introduces mindful and intuitive eating to assist you in developing a more health eating pattern.

  Taking control of eating

Do you "live to eat"? Do you often feel that you have no control over eating or eat excessive amounts? Do  you feel embarrassed or guilty about your eating? We focus on the association of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors around eating. We will explore ways to interrupt your current beliefs and patterns and introduce new approaches to build health eating habits. Learn the tools to overcome the obstacles that make it difficult to engage in a healthy eating plan with a focus on topics such as staying motivated, controlling emotional eating, and eating appropriately in social situations.


Contributors to weight gain

Unfortunately, managing weight is not as simple as "calories in and calories out".  We will explore how factors such as the environment, cultural influences, the food industry, hormones, and stress regulation play a role in weight. Learn what is contributing to your weight and where you can make effective change.

Our Philosophy to Build Lifelong Healthy Eating Habits



What are you eating?

Making better food choices is about improving health and wellbeing without cutting out major food groups or eliminating dessert. It is about incorporating healthy choices that can be sustained over the course of a lifetime. We guide you towards whole foods that are filled with nutrients rather than calories.


How are you eating?

Does that seem like a silly question? Most of us don't think about "how" we eat. Mindful and intuitive eating practices, rather than "mindless" eating or strict dieting, can help you enjoy food more, worry less about eating, and improve heath.  It allows for a more relaxed relationship with food. 


why are you eating?

Healthy eating goes beyond basic nutrition. Triggers to eat such as stress, fatigue, and emotions as well as dysregulated hunger cues play a big role in eating habits. We teach skills and strategies to gain a better understanding about your unique drivers to eat and strengthen your self-efficacy to make healthy choices.


how much are you eating?

Since 1980, the amount of food Americans consume has increased by 40 percent, and yet, during that same time, we have also become more sedentary. The increase in calories is not because of an increase in demand or need. We teach you to rethink your plate and guide you toward eating the appropriate amount of food for you.